Poythress Estate records

Estate of John Poythress, Northampton County, North Carolina (c. 1779)

Mentions: Mary Poythress, Nanny Portress, Temperance Poythress, Hardimon Porthress

C the Worshipful the Justices of Northampton County Court

The Petition of Mary Poythress, Nanny Portress, Temperance Poythress, Edmund Hathcock & Anritta his wife & Newman Hathcock & Winifred his wife humbly sheweth that John Poythress the husband of your petitioner Mary & Brother of your Petitioners Temperance Anritta, Nanny & Winifred being entitle to pay as a Soldier from the public to the amont value of one hudred pounds & upward departed this live some time in the year 1778 or 1779 Intestate His Brother Hardimon Porthress of the said County obtained Letters of Administration of his Estate in your Worships Court about June Court Last past whereby he became intitled to and has actually received from the public the pay and arrages (?) of pay due to the intestate as aforesaid, and notwithstanding Your Petitioners have frequently in a friendly manner requested the said administrator to pay and deliver to them their respective parts. & shares of the said Estate so received by him as aforesaid to wit one half to your petioner Mary the widow & one seventh part of the residue thereof to each of your other Petitioners the said intestate having left no chid & seven Brothers & Sisters, Yet the said administrator has always evaded or refused to comply with such reasonable requests. Wherefore as your Petitioners are without redress except before you Worships agreeably to the Act of the General Assemly in such case made proided. May it lease your Worship to grant to your petitiners your Writ of Subpeoena summoning the said Hardimon Poythress before your Worships to answer upon his Corporal Oath the promises (?) as fully as if the same were herien again particularly interrogated (?) & refuted (?) And that your Petitioners may have such releif in the prim(?) the Equity and Justice of their Case may intitle them to & they will pray so

B. Baker Att

for pett