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Prince George County, Virginia Deeds 1787 - 1792

Transcription Note:
(Abstracts, Revision 5 Apr 2001, J.M. Poythress)
Clayton Library, Houston, Texas
12 Sep 2000

5 Oct 1787
Deed for Lease (p. 114-115)
Mary Poythress of Prince George County, Martin's Brandon Parish
Daniel Sturdivant of Prince George County
Sum: 20 pounds
Land: 100 acres, 6 year lease.
Signed: Mary Poythress (seal)
Wit: Wm. Birchett, James Sturdivant, John Sturdivant, James Davenport.

8 Jun 1790
Deed (p. 362)
William Poythress Junr of Prince George County
Edward Marks, of the same county of the other part
Sum: 250 lbs.
Land: two tracts or parcells in Prince George County being the remainder of
that tract of land in Blackwater Swamp known by the name of
"Poythress' quarter" (400 acres) and one tract lying South of the
Quaker's Road (30 acres).
Signed: William Poythress Junr
Wit: (blotted off page before microfilming)

8 Jun 1790
Bond (p. 362)
Acknowledges bond unto Edward Marks (1,000 lbs) to guarantee title of above.
Signed: Peter Poythress

12 Jan 1790
Deed (p. 369)
William Poythress, Junior, Gentleman of County of Prince George
Robert Birchett of Prince George County
Sum: 300 pounds of lawful money of Virginia
Land: in Prince George County south side of Blackwater Swamp (no acreage stated
but description of boundaries is long and detailed).
Signed: William Poythress, Jr., William Harris
Wit: J. Williams, Samuel Vaughn, Wm. Birchett, Wm. Birchett junr.

26 July 1790
Articles of Agreement (p. 416)
Between William Poythress and Thomas Harris..
William Poythress has claimed an interest in a tract of land where said Thomas
Harris lives and the said William Poythress and Thomas Harris
being willing to settle the affair and affix the right title...
John Harris gives William Poythress title to a house sold by William Poythress
to Robert Birchett. House and land had been willed to William Poythress by
Peter Poythress that was sold unto Walter Munnery and Nathanial Tatum.
Signed: William Poythress
Wit: Edward Marks, Nathaniel Mackay, Boswell Becking

2 Oct 1790
Deed (p. 422)
William Poythress and Mary his wife of Prince George County
William Samuel Peachey of Amelia County
Sum: 1,350 pounds current money of Virginia
Land: 300 acres, being Property along the James River in Prince George County
and being the lower part of the Plantation Flower=de=hundred whereon Joshua
Poythress the elder his late father lived and devised by will to the said
William Poythress.
Signed: William Poythress (Sealed with a Waxer)
Wit: Charles Duncan, William M. Carter

25 Feb 1790
Deed (p. 579)
William Poythress of Prince George County, son of Peter Poythress, late of said
Christopher McConnice of Town of Petersburg
Sum: 400 pounds current money of Virginia
Land: parcell of land lying in Petersburg heretofore called Blandford and
distinguished on the plot or plan of said town as lot 52. Also, all the low
grounds on the River of Appomattox lying between the said lot 52 and the lot 53
to the boundary lines of lot 54 to Donald and Frazer, Merchants in the town.
Signed: William Poythress
Wit: George Marable
Thomas Gardinor
Hamilton Burge

13 May 1790
Deed (P. 363) [note: both date and page number are questionable]
Elizabeth and Francis B. [Burrell?] Green, Exors to William Green
William Poythress, Jr.
Sum: blotted, "blotted...hundred and 74 pounds"
Land and other: completely blotted.

15 Aug 1790
Deed (P. 623-4)
John Baird and Charles Duncan excrs of Last Will and Testament of Robert Boyd of
the first part
William Mayo, excr of Last Will and Testament of Peter Poythress and Elizabeth,
the widow of said Peter Poythress of the second part
James Cureton of Prince George County of the third part

(Walter Boyd wills use of his house and lands in Blandford to his wife and after
her death she should leave it to his brother Robert Boyd and his heirs forever.
Shortly after the death of Walter Boyd, his widow quitted the house and
surrendered it to Robert Boyd. Robert, in his last will and testament
authorized his executors.....whereupon the said (John) Baird and (Charles)
Duncan sold to Peter Poythress. Peter, in his last will and testament devised
to his son-in-law William Mayo with consent of Elizabeth his wife. Whereupon,
the said William Mayo with approval of Peter's widow Elizabeth, sold the houses
and land to James Cureton).
Sum: 900 pounds Current Money of Virginia
John Baird dced excr Charles Duncan
William Mayo
Elizabeth Poythress
John Thweatt for William Mayo
John Batte as to William Mayo
Edmund Hanson for Baird & Duncan
Jos. Weisiger for Baird & Duncan
Jno. Baird Junr for estate and Baird & Duncan
Jos. Weisiger for Mrs. Elizabeth Poythress
John Baird for Mrs. Elizabeth Poythress
Robert Stuart for Mrs. Elizabeth Poythress

11 Oct 1791
Deed (p. 623-4)
John Baird & Charles Duncan
William Mayo and Elizabeth Poythress
James Cureton
(Court confirms above).

About Sept 1791
(p. 622)
Elizabeth Poythress
(remainder of document illegible)

2 Oct 1790
(p. 643)
Right of Dower Release

Commonwealth of Virginia & Peter Epes
Edwards Island and Edmund Shores
Re Deed of
William Poythress and his wife Mary in the conveyance of 400 acres
William Samuel Peachey.
This document is conventional order of the court to executors to examine
Mary Poythress apart from her husband William to ascertain that she is indeed
releasing her dower rights for the sale of this property (inasmuch as
"said Mary cannot travel to the county court").

Court finds that release of dower was properly obtained and court certifies the
right to sell this property. (Teste: Peter Williams)

25 Feb 1791
(p. 579)

Commonwealth of Virginia
Peter Epes and Pleasant Cocke

Whereas, William Poythress, son of Peter Poythress dced
Christopher McConnice
Land and house in Blandford Town of Petersburg
(William Poythress, by death of his father (Peter) to whom he is heir-at-law,
the above (Epes and Cocke) are instructed to determine if Elizabeth Poythress,
wife of Peter, surrenders dower rights.

9 May 1792
(p. 680)
William Poythress of the Parish of Martin's Brandon, Prince George Co.
James Cureton of the same "parish and county aforesaid."
Sum: Lb. 102.5
Land: 103 acres (otherwise undescribed)
Court so orders 11 May 1792, Teste: Peter Williams, Clk. P. G. County

9 May 1792
(p. 681)
James Cureton of the Parish of Martin's Brandon, Prince George County
William Poythress, of the parish and county aforesaid
Sum: Lb. 102.5
Land: 80 1/2 acres (otherwise undescribed)
Court so orders 11 May 1792, Teste: Peter Williams, Clk. P. G. County

(note for above: it appears that William Poythress and James Cureton were in
effect swapping pieces of land and perhaps the identical sum of money changing
hands was to "establish" that the transaction involved separate purchases).

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