Will of Henry Randolph, dced. Dated 17 June 1769

Gives to his son John Randolph 1000 acres called "Plantation" on which testator lives. Gives William Randolph, land called Rich Neck. Gives sons Peter Randolph and Thomas Randolph all of his lands in Amelia County

equally. Gives son Robert Randolph 500. Gives son Richard Randolph 500. Gives to all of his children his personal property & slaves equally.

Directs that his unmarried children shall be maintained out of the profits of the estate. Executrix, his wife, Executors Major Peter Poythrus, John Gilliam,

Senior, John Gilliam, Jr.

Witnesses, Henry Featherstone, Wm. Dyson, John Ratcliffe.


Dated 17 June 1769

Chesterfield County

Will Book 2, page 6-abstracted.

From: The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers


MP notes:


* the wife may be presumed to be Tabitha Poythress(1725-1805), daughter of Robert Poythress(1690-c.1745).


* Executor Major Peter Poythrus may be presumed to be Peter Poythress (of

Branchester-1715-1785), brother of Tabitha Poythress.